Skirt Steak


Skirt steak comes from right under the rib in the plate section of beef. It’s a thin and flavorful cut of meat. Sometimes, a Skirt steak will come rolled up in its package. Other times, it is long and thin. You will want to unroll your steak before cooking if it is packaged rolled.
The best way to cook a Skirt steak is to first marinate and then sear it over a high heat. It wont take long to cook at all. I’m talking 3 minutes on each side in a skillet, or 8 minutes in an oven at 350ยบ F. So, this steak’s cooking time is short like a mini from the 60’s! In fact, if you cook it too long it will end up tough.
You will want to slice your Skirt steak against the grain.

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This cut is known for its robust flavor profile.

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