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Heard how delicious our Ribeyes, New York Strips, Sirloins, and Filet Mignons are?

Here is your chance to try all four along with our Premium Ground Beef and Stew Beef.

Our Sampler includes:
1 – Ribeye
1 – New York Strip
1 – Sirloin
1 – Filet Mignon
4 – Stew Beef
5 – pounds of Ground Beef
All for one low price of $99.99!
Supplies are limited, so purchase your Sampler today!

  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones
  • Local pasture-raised
  • Made from a single animal for traceability
  • No fillers added
  • USDA inspected


1/2 Now Available!

Looking for more than a few steaks?

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Check out what our customers are saying…
I discovered FSC Ranch Beef one day when browsing the JoCo report, and an article was featured on the website introducing their readers to the ranch. Now up until this point, I was accustomed to buying beef from your local grocery store, or Walmart. I was dissatisfied with the low quality, high fat content, or most beef available. Upon looking on the FSC website, I discovered their ground beef packs were only $5 a pound, and let me tell you it is worth every penny of that $5! After cooking the beef, I noticed it was a very high quality beef, very lean, with little grease drainage required. It has a nice deep red color before cooking, which indicates a very fresh product. The taste of FSC Ranch Beef is unlike any beef I had ever tasted! For lack of a better term the ranch ground beef tastes extremely pure, extremely clean, and fresh. I recommend all of my friends try out FSC Ranch Beef for any of their beef needs! I got hooked back in the Summer of 2020, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to getting store bought beef again!
Chris in Smithfield, NC

We Believe in Quality

Pasture to Plate

Our cattle are treated with the utmost care. They spend their days grazing the rolling hills of FSC Ranch and are known for their docility as they roam their tree-lined pastures.

We are proud to offer you superior beef that never contains fillers and is antibiotic-free with no added hormones. When you purchase ground beef from FSC Ranch Beef, rest assured that you are getting quality lean beef to feed your family.





The Smith Family has been Farming
North Carolina Land for Over 250 Years.

Our Story

In the mid-1700s, 27-year-old Gasper Schmidt traveled across the Atlantic ocean to make a new home for himself in North Carolina. Gasper bought 210 acres in the rolling hills of North Carolina near the Yadkin River amidst tall loblolly pines, evergreen magnolias, cedars, and oaks. He established roots in Davidson County, farming his land. Gasper became a naturalized citizen in 1763, changed his name from Schmidt to Smith, and fought in the American Revolutionary War. He and his wife Margaret raised their seven children while farming. The home they built was on the land now called Riverwood, made famous by American painter Bob Timberlake who in the 1970s launched his career from a studio on Gasper’s land.

For hundreds of years, Gasper’s family continued to farm in North Carolina. Pictured above is Grandmama Emma Smith from the early 1930s. Guided by the principles of respect, accountability, perseverance, family, and faith, the Smith family endured many challenging seasons. In 1924, following the death of her husband, Julius Marcellus Smith, Grandmama Emma and her children showed courage and steadfastness as they struggled to work and live as tenant farmers in Davidson Country throughout the Great Depression.

FSC Ranch Beef is operated by brothers Fred and Irvin Smith who began cattle farming in Johnston County, North Carolina in the 1970s.

The Smiths’ attention to quality and their passion to help add value to their community is grown from their great respect for cattle and their commitment to be good stewards of what God has provided. That respect has been handed down from generation to generation.



Mouth- Watering


Our Beef

FSC Ranch Beef offers one lb packages of premium ground beef and 1.5 lb patty packs along with choice cut steaks and roasts. Our naturally lean beef is delicious and nutritious.

Nutritional Value

Our premium beef contains one ingredient and one ingredient only: beef. The pack of beef that you purchase from us comes from one cattle and one cattle only, qualifying it to be called ground beef.

What makes FSC Ranch Beef’s premium ground beef full of mouth-watering goodness? Steak!

Our ground beef includes steak cuts that are ground into our beef resulting in meat that’s juicy and packed with steak-heavy flavor.

Rest assured, you are getting quality beef when you purchase your beef from FSC Ranch Beef.

Not only is beef packed with healthy protein, nutritional beef is naturally rich in B vitamins, iron,  zinc and other important nutrients. Beef provides all of the essential amino acids our  bodies need to survive. Naturally!


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Ground beef and beef patties can also be purchased directly from Riverwood or Hedingham Golf Courses.

FSC Ranch

2102 Pritchard Rd., Clayton, NC

5 Days a week

Monday – Friday:  8 AM – 6 PM


Must call for special appointment


Riverwood Golf Course

400 Riverwood Dr., Clayton, NC

919- 550-1919

Hedingham Golf Course

4801 Harbour Towne Dr., Raleigh, NC


7 Days a week

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM